Updated: October 31, 2015 

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Groovy Lime games is a developer of fun independent games.  These games will always be provided as freeware and with no ads, because ads are really annoying.

I hope you enjoy these games, but please, don't over-do it. Game addictions can ruin lives and hurt the ones you hold most dear.  I've endeavored to make these games non-addictive, as I'm tired of seeing so many games being described as "addictive".  These shady game developers are pushing a dangerous vice.  They don't care about the lives and families they are destroying in their lust for power and mind control.

Here, at Groovy Lime games, you'll always find safe and healthy fun.  If you become addicted to any of these games, I will not be held personally responsible, but please seek help, as I do care.  Also, while I'm thinking of it, you should get outside more often.  Try something new, meet new people, or adopt a dog or something.  Enjoy Life!

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"It's always a good time to play Groovy Lime!"
-Trevor Simpson

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