Gliderman Returns


Our fantastic caped hero Gliderman is back for another stellar adventure! Gliderman's quest is to turn all the blue blocks into green ones. Help him achieve this goal as he avoids danger using his amazing gliding abilities and his unlimited supply of bombs.  This amusing game continues the Gliderman tradition of falling cows, UFOs, rockets, and giant soccer balls.  It even includes unfriendly clones of Janitor Dan the Spaceman.

Gliderman Returns has a familiar 2D platform game play, but it is played in 3 dimensions, adding a level of complexity when trying to figure out how to complete a level. As you progress through each level, you'll find that they not only become harder, but more puzzling. Can you figure them all out?

Included are the 40 original Gliderman zones and 40 new 3D zones, making a total of 80.  Prepare for an adventure!

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Music for this game has been composed by Shannon McGill. 

"It's always a good time to play Groovy Lime!"
-Trevor Simpson

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